Google Chrome Helper Mac Memory

Google Chrome Helper Mac Memory

On the Activity Monitor, the operation of the Google Chrome Helper on Mac memory is evident. Here’s something we both agree on: Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers for Android phones as well as Computers running on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X; a reason that makes it one of the most popular browsers. But what happens when the Google Chrome Helper high sierra problem reduces the speed of your PC and significantly increases your System’s temperature?

Google Chrome Helper Mac Memory


Here’s what it looks like:

If you’re among the millions of people all over the world using Chrome, but on a Mac operating system, at a certain time It may cause your system to lag, hang, and even overheat.

Now, you may be wondering, what is Google Chrome helper, is it a virus?


How can I disable or kill Google Chrome Helper in 2018?

I’ll tell you!

First, you need a Knife and secondly, a place you’re going to bury it.😣


Each section in this post will answer these questions and most especially, show you how to turn off Google Chrome Helper 2018.

What is Google Chrome Helper on CPU?



Google Chrome Helper is one of the processes that run and uses your CPU’s memory when a plugin on Chrome interacts with an external web server to launch.

This Process can also run when a plugin or extension that is not supported by Chrome has been installed or the Chrome’s Plug-in settings have been set to run all plugins by default.

On a more lighter note,

When the Google Chrome browser on your Windows or Mac PC is open with several pages, and the fan on your PC begins to blow excessively giving out a disturbing sound, then there is too much load on your CPU.

At this point, the fan tends to blow periodically at a high speed in a bid to manage the system’s temperature since more load tend to cause overheating that may in-turn damage your computer.


Effects of Google Chrome Helper

Is there any need to disable Google Chrome Helper?

Yes, there is!

Look at it this way:

With Google Chrome Helper deactivated on Mac, embedded content on web pages such as YouTube videos, Flash Ads, Javascript, DivX, Quicktime, or Silverlight will not load automatically unless you manually ‘Click to play’ them.

As a result, you’ll use a lesser amount of internet data to load pages and web pages you visit on the net will tend to load faster.


Using more CPU memory than it should, coupled with other running processes in the background mean your Mac will tend to slow down because most of the CPU’s resources are used simultaneously.

The lagging effect can be seen when you have to wait for some seconds before your cursor moves or apps that launch take more time to load.



As already stated in the previous section, if your computer fan keeps going on and off at a high speed, it means your CPU is getting hot too fast, and this may also lead to Google chrome helper battery problems.

Why is that?

An increase in your Mac’s temperature will make your battery drain faster, thus one way or the other, the effects of Google Chrome Helper will be clearly visible.

So, are you losing more memory when Chrome is open and is your computer slowing down? here’s how to disable it.

How can I Disable Google Chrome Helper?

In 2016 and the previous years, you could’ve easily controlled flash content responsible for activating Google Chrome Helper by manually enabling or disabling the ‘Play on click’ option in the browser’s Advanced Settings.

In recent times where the browser has been updated, this is not possible but there are other measures you can employ to improve the performance of your Mac/PC while on Chrome.

Based on the contributions made on Google Chrome Helper in Reddit and Google Support threads, to deactivate the Google Helper’s auto-helping feature and stop it from dominating the CPU usage,



1. Clear Google Chrome browser’s history, cookies, and cache memory by:

Clicking on the ‘Settings’ Option in Chrome Menu.

Disable Google Chrome Helper

Scrolling down and selecting ‘Advanced’ submenu.
Selecting ‘Clear browsing data’.

2. End Individual Tasks and Processes in Google Chrome Task Manager

To end all running Tasks and Processes in Google Chrome Mac or Windows Taskbar,

Click on the ‘More Tools’ Option in Chrome Menu.
Select the ‘Task Manager’ submenu.
Select and End Individual tasks that are using most of the CPU’s memory.

Google Chrome Mac Task Manager

3. Disable Google Chrome Extensions

If the Google Chrome Helper problem persists, you need to know if it is caused by an already Installed Extension on the Web browser.

To ascertain, browse or load web pages in Incognito mode.

While in the private browsing mode, If your PC’s fan does not operate at a very high speed, then an Extension is a culprit.

You can manually disable the Extensions and Plugins on Chrome by:

Clicking on ‘Customize and Control’ Google Chrome Button
Selecting ‘Extensions’.

Disable Google Chrome Extensions

Disabling Individual Extensions by deselecting the checkbox.

4. Reset Chrome Settings to default:

If all attempts come to naught, then you can reset your Chrome browser.

Keep in mind that a reset with clear the browser’s history, bookmarks, cache, and cookies, disable all Extension and Plugins, and remove all pinned Tabs.

To reset Google Chrome:

Click on ‘Settings’ Menu.
Navigate to ‘Advanced’ Settings.
Finally, click on ‘Reset’ to restore the web browser to its default state.

Also worthy of note is that each of the above solutions will only help to resolve this problem temporarily and as such is not one that can be used in disabling Google Chrome Helper permanently.

In that regards, be cautious of the Extensions and Plugins you Install.

5. Download Google Carnary and AdBlocker for PC

If push comes to shove,

Download the latest Google Carnary web browser that is said to be a Chrome Stable version.

You can also download and Install an Ad Blocker like AdBlock Plus.

An Ad blocker will ensure that flash content, Ads, and Malicious content are not automatically loaded on web pages you access on the net.

This way, you do not harbor tracking cookies or plugins that may cause your Chrome Browser to use an excessive amount of the CPU’s memory.

Pssst! Some users have also found it helpful logging out of their Google Profile Accounts while surfing the net.


If Google Chrome is your favorite Web browser, it might be difficult switching to a different browser like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera Mini as most people will suggest.

But now that you know why Google Chrome Helper is over-taxing your Macintosh, the steps involved will help you disable google chrome mac helper in 2018.

Whether you are using a MAC or Windows PC with a fast or slow processor, you need to turn it off because it tends to hog most of your CPU’s resources.


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