Become A Phone Wholesaler/ Retailer & Make At least 1/3 of Your Capital Monthly

Become A Phone Wholesaler/ Retailer & Make At least 1/3 of Your Capital Monthly

Becoming a phone wholesaler/ retailer & Make At least 1/3 of your capital Monthly is real and pay if you it well and also get better and easier with time. This is a beautiful Monday morning, it’s a new and a new week that is filled with new opportunities and blessings for those who understands what opportunity means and knows that once lost can never be regained.

Become A Phone Wholesaler/ Retailer & Make At least 1/3 of Your Capital Monthly

Though Nigeria might currently be economic meltdown, that doesn’t mean that you too as a Nigerian will be in a financial meltdown as well. Many Nigerians are in crisis today because of the poor investments they made in the past, but it is time to start over, get up on your feet and take a step that will positively change your life for real.

As you know, the mobile phone and electronics market is getting larger and larger everyday, it is hard to come into a family in Nigeria today and not see at least 1 or 2 of the family members who owns either iPhone or Android. Come to the higher institutions, almost everybody uses a smartphone.



This is also, another proof of how large the market is and how large it continues to grow. So when you start this business, you will have minimal issues selling your product because the market is self advertized, all you need to do is to make sure your merchants are in most times available for purchase.


How to start a phone business


No matter your location in Nigeria, this business can’t be hindered by location, because you’ll be dealing with tested and trusted personnel who wants to survive and help you survive and be liberated financially.

You won’t have to be travelling to-and-fro to purchase your goods, just stay in your comfortable business location and send an order, and your good will arrive to your destination via courier services.


As a re-seller, you have a unique benefit of selling a product to the buyer when an order is received through advert from the wholesaler’s or retailer’s region even when the requested item is out of your stock.

What does this mean? What am I talking about?… Here’s how it works.. if an order is received from the location of a re-seller (not by the re-seller) through the companies adverts, the company will ship the product to you and you can sell with your desired while the company gets the cost price of the item.

Are you ready to be financially free? Are you will to step out your brokenness, Eko Shopping can help you if you follow these simple procedures


Step 1. Fill a reseller application form attached with a valid id card and passport photograph.


Step 2. Sign our agreement terms.


Step 3. Snap and send a photo view of the shop you’ll be using (can be small or Big or even your home).

Step 4. Pay your re-seller capital ranging from N150k – 1 Million.


Step 5. Receive your paid goods and then start selling…

To start registration process, please contact us:

Starting up a business is a risk, depositing your money is a risk, having that money with you in your pocket all the time is also a risk.

But remember No risks, No reward I wish you success in your ventures, trade carefully and with 100% caution. Goodluck…. becuase you’ll definitely need it.

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